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In 1905 the English archaeologist In the late 19th century numerous soapstone figurines in the form of a bird were found in the ruins; this Zimbabwe Bird later became a national symbol, incorporated into the Zimbabwe flag and shown in other places of high honour.Women activists in Zimbabwe have been beaten and forced to strip by police and detained with their babies, according to a new report Compiled by one of Zimbabwe's leading civil rights organizations the damning report alleges violations by the country's security forces.With the city’s decline, its stoneworking and pottery-making techniques seem to have transferred southward to Khami (now also in ruins).Portuguese explorers probably encountered the ruins in the 16th century, but it was not until the late 19th century that the existence of the ruins was confirmed, generating much archaeological research.The worst that can happen is you move on to the next table.Ask a guy whether you can bring your friends on the first date.International organisations such as Amnesty International as well as human rights bodies in Zimbabwe have made similar assessments that human and political rights are increasingly under attack in the country."These types of violations have become commonplace in Zimbabwe as the government seeks to prevent Zimbabweans from protesting against the continuing devastating mismanagement of the economy, extensive and malicious corruption and a total disregard for the well-being of Zimbabweans," Williams said.

The word (earthen and mud-brick) structures that may once have rivaled the stone buildings in grandeur.The Valley Ruins, located between the Hill Complex and the Great Enclosure, include a large number of mounds that are remnants of Hill Complex, which was formerly called the Acropolis, is believed to have been the spiritual and religious centre of the city.It sits on a steep-sided hill that rises 262 feet (80 metres) above the ground, and its ruins extend some 328 feet (100 metres) by 148 feet (45 metres).Women of Zimbabwe Arise has released results of a preliminary report showing that 73 percent of an initial sample of 397 members have been arrested more than once, 40 percent were tortured and 50 percent detained longer than the allowed 48 hours.About 26 percent were injured badly enough to receive medical treatment. WOZA, formed in 2003, has become a powerful voice in the deepening economic and political crises in Zimbabwe.

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