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The location of these upper mantle instabilities could be controlled by a number of factors, such as: In our session, we are particularily interested in presentations which could broaden out PLUME to other areas of the world where the Transition Zone (410-660 km) is seismically fast and might also be a "slab graveyard". Mo ([email protected]) As subduction gives way to plate collision, magmatic activity tends to progress from HFSE-depleted calc-alkaline to potassic and ultrapotassic types.

The EAR could be the product of outflow from one or more lower mantle plumes.However the link between LIPs and mantle plumes has recently been challenged. Harris ([email protected]) Mass extinctions are global phenomena that represent some of the most dramatic events in the geological history and arguably no events have had more influence on evolution of life on Earth.How confident are we that LIPs are produced by mantle plumes? They are generally thought to have lasted for Date: Sunday, September 14, 2008 — Monday, September 22, 2008 Location: Dali, Yunnan Province, China Web: the following session: Roles of mantle plumes/superplumes in supercontinent evolution Convenors: Y. Condie ([email protected]) This session will focus on mantle plumes and large mantle upwellings and their role in the supercontinent cycle.Rarely, strongly potassic types HFSE-rich basalts appear, distinct from the shoshonites and lamproites commonly associated with collisions, examples appearing in NE China, Central Spain, and the western Germany.Geochemical and geophysical studies have led to robust debates, for example, as to whether the basalts reflect deep-sourced plumes or the effects of plate-induced upper mantle displacement.

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The following observations can be made concerning the origin of these upper mantle plumes: They are small-scale convective instabilities within the upper mantle beneath Europe which appear to originate in the Transition Zone (410-660km depth) There is a strong correlation between the location of the “upwellings” and lithospheric architecture – suggesting some form of top-down control.

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