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At the start of Ralph's session, he tells Skylar to take it easy on him with scissors, as he had a bad experience before!Well, imagine his surprise when Sydney jumps out near the beginning of his Skylar session, and tells him she's going to videotape her instructional lesson in CRUSHING with Skylar!- This revolutionary new video features legendary Sydney Thunder in the roles of co-star, director, and yes...videographer - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!See Sydney's & Skylar's legs CRUSH from Syd's point of view as she holds her own separate camera during this video - incredible!This aggressive mixed match between our newcomer, Vanessa, and Peter is an absolute must-see for all fans of competitive mixed wrestling...This is an absolute must-see for fans of fast, aggressive, competitive mixed wrestling matches!

Full description & preview pics → Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling Rules: Pins & Submissions Description: ...As you know, from the sexy F/F video we released last month, Sydney crushed out Skylar pretty bad after she went to Skylar's hotel room to gloat about beating her in court.When Sydney shows up at Skylar's door AGAIN, Skylar is apprehensive when Syd said she just came over to apologize.In her first ever appearance at Fight Pulse, she is facing Luke in a competitive mixed wrestling match...Full description & preview pics → Type: Competitive Mixed Wrestling Rules: Smother Rules Description: ...

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