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Centuries ago women were warned against non-conformity with the threat of public execution.Today, women who dare challenge the dysfunctional status quo do so at risk of public character assassination and ridicule.

As internet researches battle with mainstream media over allegations in #Pizzagate, another potentially much bigger story became buried under the digital avalanche. The ‘Lolita Express’ Scandal Seemingly even more unsettling and disturbing in 2016, was the vastly underreported “Lolita Express” scandal swirling around the Clinton Campaign.

Here, visitors can see an audiovisual presentation and exhibition about witch hunting, and be weighed themselves, on the original scales dating from 1482.

For almost one hundred years, visitors from all over the world, have been visiting the Witches Weighhouse in Oudewater.

The cost of women speaking out is high – personal onslaughts, vitriol and threats to career advancement.

It begs the question: Why would women speak out, rather than why don’t they?

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