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All those things I had heard specifically in church. And so, as I was learning these things intellectually, I was going through the emotional trauma that if I accepted this, that if I understood this the way other people were expressing it, then, there was no hope, that Ray was telling me the truth, that it’s not what you do, it’s who you are, and that he was gay, and he was not going to change.

I thought that there could be a fix…What did the future hold? ” The thing that sticks with me from that day: It’s not what you do. But it was not true, what I’d been told in every church I had ever been in, that there was a gay lifestyle, that gay people had uncontrolled, crazy sex lives, that they were identifiable by what they looked like, that they had an agenda, that the activists were out to destroy Christianity.

Third this trend of putting happiness first did not come out of nowhere.

Instead of preaching law and gospel where we are told the truth that we need to come to Christ because we are sinners deserving of wrath, and that the wages of sin is death, what is preached in its place is sorrow and self-esteem.

I realized about a month ago that I have made so many friends, friends that I now know are gay, that walk their own faith journey. neither of us could have been as real and honest and respectful.

If I hope that for my gay friends, I hope it for me…

when one spouse (the gay spouse) comes out of the closet, the other spouse (the straight spouse) goes into the closet … He didn’t feel, and I didn’t feel, that it would be right to let people assume that he was straight… counselor asked me if I had known before we were married, would I have wanted to marry a gay man, and my honest answer was no. And, instead, I recognize their faith and their walk, and how endeared they are to the Lord, the suffering that some people go through by rejection of their families.

However, in our situation, and considering that Ray had done his best to live straight for 30 years before coming out, I knew that he could not continue to pretend to be straight and survive … Both members of a marriage have an obligation to each other … I would have had in the back of my mind that they were somehow not really Christian.

Boltz himself as he is now living outside the revealed will of God, this should cause us to think for a minute about the deceptive nature of our enemy.

I began to have glimpses of something outside the churches that I had heard these untruths from. And, that he wants us to walk in love and forgiveness and temperance in all things … We need to worship in Spirit and in Truth …I don’t think there’s a difference in people. In the past, I made assumptions about people and about their lives …

I realized that there are people out there who are gay and Christian that live lives with their families or individually, with partners or without partners. They tried to find out information for themselves, and we would talk about it … We need to receive from God that Jesus is for all people. Jesus came to the woman at the well, and He told her about her life …

My hope is that younger people will have the hope of a family of their own, younger gay people will have a hope of a family, so that they can spend their lives together.

In 2000, Ray came out, and the contemporary Christian music scene, as you can imagine, said, “bye-bye!

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A few weeks ago, Carol was interviewed by the internet radio program Gay Christian Network.

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  1. When Randall Wallace, his collaborator on The Passion of the Christ, intimated that the team was planning a sequel there was undoubtedly some sniggering. Maybe, they should just ignore the source material altogether and stage another showdown between the devil and blood-covered Jesus.