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Her father Philip died when she was 15 and her mother's name is Bonnie. In April 2016, she got engaged to Ryan Mc Cartan, but the couple called the wedding off in October of that year. She acted with Emmy Rossum in two episodes of Shameless in 2012.co-stars' enviable romance was already in full swing last December—a full two months before Dove confirmed the relationship herself.She felt like she had to put herself in a position of power because she didn't have any inside." Mal really has so. "Now this [movie], she’s like 'I’m not that, so I’m going to swing hard in the other direction and be everything I wasn’t.' Then she realizes, when she has that big breakdown, like 'I can’t be that,' Dove explained. I should isolate myself from everyone.' Which is actually such an intense decision to make."And when she eventually runs away to the Isle, that’s her panicking, because she’s like, 'If I’m not that, and I’m not that' — in her brain, everything is black and white — 'I’m not that, I’m not that. She’s running away from everything and everyone she knows to go back to a place where everyone hates her and she has no family." Mal really does shock everyone with her choice to head back to the Isle, especially knowing that Uma is there you know, just waiting for Mal since they have a bit of a not-so-nice history together.But if you really think about that, that kind of intensity behind that decision, it’s really dark and heart-wrenching.That’s why I chose to play Mal as truly lost and almost transparent throughout the whole film, like there’s no personality to her, she’s just this walking-talking-mess until the last 20 minutes. We all kind of struggle for a long time until we accept that there is nothing to be except one’s self," Dove said to us. So when two people recognize a commonality, it’s like looking across the room at someone the first day of school and it’s like I see me in you and you see you in me," Dove told us.Chloe Celeste Hosterman better known by her stage name Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer.

So we'll go with more Troy and Gabriella vibes, since it seemed like they too came from totally different worlds and everyone seemed to be surprised things would work out.Actress known for her starring role as Liv/Maddie Rooney on the Disney Channel series Liv and Maddie. She started acting in local community productions at age eight.She played Charlotte Anne Jane in a 2012 episode of The Mentalist titled "Devil's Cherry." She formed the band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher alongside her Liv & Maddie co-star Ryan Mc Cartan. Her parents encouraged her interest in acting while she grew up in Seattle, Washington.And I think that’s what makes it so watchable, so digestible and that’s why fans love it so much and why we love it so much too. "You’re absolutely right: [Mal] was attempting to be something for her mother [in the first movie], now she’s attempting to be something for her boyfriend.She is one of those people that puts on this really tough exterior to protect the fact that she’s really one of the most sensitive people in the world, which drives her intensity and her emotions. But that's part of why she is such a beloved character and Dove was totally game when it came to really showing all of Mal's depth, which felt such a personal connection to. "So I feel like this time around, she kind of realizes that because in the first one, she had this personality that she had adapted to, that she’s had her whole life, that she shakes by the end of it," Dove said about Mal's arch in .

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