What is second basein dating terms

My Page , 20 December 2007 (UTC) so that us foreign people can also understand what it means if we happen to run across them.Your argument is on the line of 'if you're too dumb to know everything why should I tell you'.I already deleted it once, but it was reverted; I want to delete it again, but since someone apparently disagrees I figured I'd at least bring up the subject for discussion.-Branddobbe , (UTC) This should not redirect to Baseball euphemism, as a metaphor is not the same as a euphamism, and baseball metaphors are much broader and more widely applicable than the more specific and explicitly sexual baseball euphamism.I know it is not really an "expert" but it's the best tag possible.

Also any above the belt touching is included in this base2nd Base - Hands below the belt.Look it up yourself, instead of sticking up a box and making it everyone else's problem.I agree with the changing to "euphemism" By no means are these metaphors. The first two people are right, because, if you're too young to know what these mean, you shouldn't be reading this anyways, so why is this on Wikipedia?It's a fairly common saying, that'd be like trying to reference "bling bling".Regarding the recent adding the "needing an expert tag", I don't think someone can be an "expert" on baseball metaphors for sex.

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It should be either removed, or replaced with an alternate tag.

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