Validating digital signatures and display special icons dating methods of pompeii

When you sign a document with Open 3.2 or Star Office 9.2 or a later version, and you open that document in an older version of the software, the signature will be displayed as "invalid".

Signatures created with older versions of the software will be marked with "only parts of the document are signed" when loaded in the newer software.

If both are the same, the program will signal that you see the original, unchanged document.

In addition, the program can show you the public key information from the certificate.

You can compare the public key with the public key that is published on the web site of the certificate authority.

Whenever someone changes something in the document, this change breaks the digital signature.

If there is a problem with one signature, then the validation result of that one signature is assumed for all signatures.Signing documents with software certificates is not a perfectly secure method.Numerous ways are possible to circumvent the security features.You will get that e-mail, and the e-mail or the document within has the "valid signed" icon. On Solaris and Linux systems, files that are supplied by Thunderbird, Mozilla or Firefox are used.You must ensure that the files that are in use within your system are really the original files that were supplied by the original developers.

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When you sign a PDF document, then this marking is not used.

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