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I'll try at logout or login -- although I've never been able to get login to work. If I closed the application then re-ran the update policy, everything would update successfully.

The Macs don't seem to connect to wifi fast enough to hit the trigger... So I can confirmed the versioning by looking at the version number to what we have installed and found we use the "Continuous Track". platform=Macintosh&product=1Installed it on machines that were outdated and it installed successfully. At this point - I can come up with a few different options: 1.) Build a script with Jamf Helper messages telling the user they need to update.2.) Install the update at Logout/login.3.) Use the built in user notifications tab with deferment options set in order to update.

Updates to Acrobat Reader are available on a regular basis for free and should be installed for best results.

At times, there may be problems when trying to update or uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe has updated his free "Acrobat Reader" for viewing, printing and annotating PDF's to "Adobe Reader DC", where "DC" means "Document Cloud". 2: Automatically download updates but let the user choose when to install them. (Default value) 4: Notify the user downloads are available but do not download them. Right click at an empty space on the right pane and select New DWORD (32-bit) Value.

To solve the issue, Microsoft Cleanup Utility can be installed and used to remove the existing Acrobat Reader from the computer system.

With this utility, it is no longer impossible to uninstall or update Adobe Acrobat Reader. To remove Adobe Acrobat reader, download and install Microsoft Clean Up Utility: document, titled "Impossible to uninstall or to update Adobe Acrobat reader," is available under the Creative Commons license.

In this tutorial you 'll find detailed instructions on how to totally disable or turn off Adobe Reader DC Automatic Updates. Simultaneously press Windows R keys to open run command box.

– If you want to download and install new updates manually, then, from Adobe Reader's DC menu, choose: Help Mode possible values: 0: Do not download or install updates automatically. – From now on, Adobe Reader DC will not download and install updates automatically but you can always install the new updates manually, by choosing the Check for Updates option in Adobe Reader's DC main menu. Launch Registry Editor again and navigate to this key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\Feature Lock Down 2. Double click at the b Updater value and set the Value Data to 0 (zero).

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