Teachers intimidating children

Here are some suggestions: If your child is being bullied, especially by an adult, it makes sense that your feelings could fall anywhere between indignant and murderous.

However, a parent’s explosive emotional display is likely to overwhelm a child and may cause her to shut down even more.

Often, younger children present with more somatic complaints — that is, physical symptoms of emotional and psychological experiences, such as headaches or nausea — because they don’t yet have the expressive language skills to tell you what’s really going on.

Still, older children and adolescents are not exempt from experiencing somatic symptoms.

There are other modes of communication you can encourage that may allow your child to further open up.

For instance, you can engage her in an activity in which she writes or draws pictures of messages she receives in various environments, including the classroom.

Try sharing a high and low of your day, and ask your child to do the same.

Using active listening tools, like normalizing (explaining that a certain reaction is understandable) and validating (expressing that a person is entitled to their feelings) may encourage your child to share what she is going through.This question is designed for students of MAT 5320 (Univ.of Central Arkansas) but anyone is invited to share his or her thoughts!How would you handle a parent who disputes your version of a situation that occurred in the classroom?Let's say you catch a student, dead to rights, cheating on a test or breaking some other school rule, but the student holds fast with a false version of the event or, worse, blames you for causing the event to happen because of incompetence or apathy on your part. The student's parent happens to hold a prominent position in the community or is closely connected to you personally or professionally (politician, fellow church or synagogue member, fellow teacher).

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