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Event After registration, the participants are called at the decided venue.All the girls and the boys are given a batch number and the girls are made to sit on different tables.If any one of the partner likes the person sitting in front of them then they tick mark in front of the batch number of the person in the paper.The dates keep on exchanging till the end of the event.

A truly different Leeds dating experience, everyone is in the same boat so there is no awkwardness.You don't have to guess who is single and you don't to spend hours wondering if you should go up and say hi to someone you like the look of.Our experienced Leeds host takes care of all the organising, so you can just relax, enjoy the night and chat to new people.Slow Dating events are as you would expect, held in stylish, upmarket bars.At one of our events you can enjoy between 15 and 20 dates in one evening.

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We use stylish centrally located venues for all our singles nights.

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