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Several people described the area to me as "The Bible Belt of the Midwest." At Lakewood, a consolidated public school drawing its students from four tiny towns, roughly 35 minutes east of Grand Rapids, religion and sports are pillars of identity.

And no teacher could validate such an identity quite like Mr. He was clean-cut, handsome and charismatic, his eyes framed by a perpetual furrow that conveyed his moral seriousness. They and their six children all had first and last names starting with the letter "C." Discipline and undeviating faith in God had led him all the way to a 10-year career in the majors, to Yankee Stadium.

(He considers himself a "Bible-believing Christian" and eschews denominational titles.) If his teammates were doing the wrong things -- missing chapel, not playing the game the right way, or even listening to explicit rap or watching -- Curtis would call them out, for their own good. But that wouldn't be good for you and that wouldn't be good for me," he says he told her. He has faith that God will use this tragedy for good.

He was the ultimate God Squadder, noble to some but insufferably pushy to others, which might help explain why he played for six teams in his 10-year career. The two were good friends, regulars at Bible study with the Yankees. He believes that one day, Kayla will admit to falsely accusing him, that "she'll wake up, throw up her hands and just say, 'I can't do it anymore.'" "And when that happens, I have every intention of forgiving her." * * * The western part of Michigan, in the area around Grand Rapids, doesn't conform to the popular notion that the state is firmly in the blue column.

He cuts a similarly classic figure in state blues as he did in Yankees pinstripes.

His job now is to administer sports games (setting up cones, etc.) and he says he's made a lot of good friends.

Curtis's hair is a graying version of the same 1950s-style flattop buzzcut he wore as a player, and his broad shoulders fill out his prison uniform perfectly.

"I'm uncomfortable but I don't say anything, 'cause in my head I'm going through all the talks he gave in class about how he was such a Christian guy, and so I was like don't -- you know -- don't think there's something happening here that's not. -- Chad Curtis didn't tell his lawyer that he's doing this interview, he admits with a sly smile.

Obviously, she'd be angry, because he's appealing his conviction, and talking to a reporter is likely not in his best interests.

Despite the stories about child sex offenders in prison, he says he hasn't been attacked.

He keeps busy by reading the Bible and by "work[ing] out like crazy," even though the weight pit is outside and the Michigan winter has been brutal.

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That's why, he believes, he has sat in prison since October on a seven-to-15-year conviction for molesting three teenage girls at the rural Michigan high school where he volunteered.

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