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I think I am a South African, leaving in the US and I always keep in touch with my family in South Africa via the video/telephone. I don't have an exact image of my beloved man, but I would like him to be tender, caring, responsible, wise and strong.Online shops offers: Fragrance 3 items for 31.84 - 51.34 USDFragrance 5 items for 40.55 - 71.09 USDBeauty Encounter 1 product for 49.95 USA, LLC 1 product for 57.14 USDView products... It is a fragrance for glamorous women who live under the spotlights, self-confident and elegant, women who know how to draw the attention. YSL Cinema is the only perfume that actually makes me smile. When during the day you catch a whiff and it just makes you happy?A seductive flavor reminds of Hollywood beauties from the romantic love movies, glamourous evening gowns, Hollywood hairstyles, high heels, black seamed stockings… I remember when this came out, it was highly promoted in Paris, which I visited frequently back then. For me it fitted right in with the decadence of the time, those years before the financial crisis when clothes, perfumes, clubs, parties, restaurants all had a sort of opulence and luxury. Even though I was never wealthy, it made me feel very luxurious – and it still does!It offers you a unique blend of smoky vanilla & sparkling oriental notes /candied orange peel, soft almond blossoms, mysterious scent of cyclamen & honey-sweet resins/.It´s sexy and romantic at the same time & it reminds the echoes of the golden age of Hollywood. Another glorious scent but was discontinued in the late 80s. One of the few perfumes that truly makes me sick...cloying, syrupy, chemical, sweet, synthetic mess.

This dries down to an aldehydic white floral which bears some similarity to Chanel No5 (due to the aldehydes), but is peachier, in a sophisticated way, and more modern. Could suit any age - the fruitiness keeps it youthful, but the aldehydes give it a classic feel. For me, Cinema is a fairly simple citrus-vanilla-amber fragrance - I don't really get much of the floral - but its simplicity is what makes it so graceful. It's really quite sweet and syrupy, it almost reminds me of some sort of liqueur, maybe Amaretto with the almond note...The yearly membership fee is needed to keep the website going so people who are single and interested in fellowship can find things to do and ways to meet others.A monthly newsletter is sent to members each month so members who do not have internet access can see what group activities are planned. Activities are put together by volunteers who take the time to share their home or time planning an event so that other singles can find fellowship. If you have a hobby, interest or activity you would like to share with others, please do so.But I can actually understand it not being popular now, among all the sweet scents.Still, it's sad to see another beauty discontinued, I guess I will have to stock up... With all the stocking up I have to do of discontinued perfumes I'm running out of space!

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  2. She replied back "I'm sick of this, you promised me. Fine."I just figured it was a fight and that we would work it out and I would apologize for breaking a promise.