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Living in Houston, I can’t help but perpetually be in my feelings about being single. Either it’s rainy and you want to be inside cuddled up under a blanket with bae, or it’s sunny and you want to be at the park with bae, or it’s inexplicably and unseasonably cold and you want to be holding hands and sipping cocoa…with bae.

One would think that living in the city offered a wide variety of dating options, but that’s just not true.

It seems that everyone who is worth your time is already spending it with someone else and you simply don’t have the time to be wasting time with someone who isn’t top shelf.

Whether meeting someone in real life and trying to get to know them, or trying to date online, it’s always two swipes forward, one swipe back.

If a man confessed lust for his blood sister to the Apostle Paul, the least of the Apostles probably would have had serious concerns (1 Cor. If a man confessed lust for a sister , the Apostle Paul probably would have referred him to a good price on a princess cut engagement ring (1 Cor. Now, naturally, we should not insist on a sexual dating that mirrors its emotional counterpart. The answer is just “No.” By analogy, when someone is experiencing an intense suffering, and someone starts talking to that person about , there is a category error made.

Repentance isn’t the most relevant category for suffering.

It is because of union with Christ that we suffer, most basically (Col. ); repentance may not always be the best go-to category for understanding suffering.

They try to give me the best advice they can, but then it dawns on me: none of them ever really to date.A relationship that contains sexual expression—i.e., the husband-wife relationship—does not dissolve the Christian sister-brother relationship (Mark ; 1 Cor. A biblical conception of the spiritual sister-brother relationship motivates sexual purity in different forms among both married and non-married couples on the basis of each honoring the other as a Christian, who is a spiritual sibling, fellow soldier, saint, and friend.But the basic point is that to set up the brother-sister relationship against sexuality is a misuse of both realities.I mean, I think I’m dope as hell, independent as Boosie and Beyonce want me to be.So what I’ve resorted to is blaming the one thing every web site blames when they don’t really know to blame: the Internet.

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No doubt about it, that’s the one thing my older, married relatives didn’t have that I’m fully immersed in.

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