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His next, The 33 Strategies of War, taught readers to apply battleground thinking to everyday life, from “Create a threatening presence” to “Destroy from within”.Sitting in his comfortable living room stuffed full of books and record albums, Greene is quite intense and jittery, watching everything I do like a hawk: “Wow, your handwriting is very interesting,” he says, as I make some notes. “Yes, but I’ll probably analyse you more after you’ve gone.No wonder The New Yorker described Greene’s original book as a manual on “how to be a creep”.I ask him if he minds such comments: “Not really,” he chuckles.There are some borderline cases where maybe somebody got inspired [to do something bad].But the emails and letters I get are so effusive, most people tell me ‘You saved my life, thank you’.

Not that its adherents all admit to using its sometimes dubious principles – such as Law 15: Crush your enemy totally. Fidel Castro has reportedly read it, the famed Hollywood producer Brian Grazer has personally sought out Greene’s advice, as has Charney, who says of Greene, “I call him Jesus”.

Greene nods: “There are so many distractions now – I’m really concerned that people in the future won’t know how to build a bridge or create a political movement.

There’s a sense of entitlement, an attitude of ‘If my phone isn’t fast enough, screw Apple’.” For every master, I say, there must be thousands more who aim high and fail.

The plot, set in what appears to be Los Angeles, involves Modesty and Willie preventing the kidnap of a young girl who turns out to be a computer genius and has been working for Tarrant's ...

See full summary » When her surrogate father who owns the casino she works in gets murdered, Modesty Blaise takes on those that killed him and are now at the casino to rob it.

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Key is identifying one’s life’s passion, then undertaking an apprenticeship and finding a mentor to guide you.

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