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Tim thanks you for sending Dave instead of Robert...

TH From: Toby Holt Sent: Mon 3/24/2008 PM To: Mike Converse Subject: FW: Collier Country Mosquito Control -6 Engine Over-torque in our shop Can you get Robert to let Veronica do her job without constant direction from him?

In March, he was sentenced to thirty years in prison.

He maintains his innocence in Wiles's disappearance.

Robert From: Chad Mountcastle Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 PM To: Toby Holt Subject: FW: Quotes I assure you I didn't help him reduce any costs and you have the e-mail to prove it.The Kidnaping and Murder of Robert Arthur Wiles Presented by The Wiles Task Force FBI Case 7A-TP-70884 FDLE Case LA-73-0642 PCSO Case 2008-071799 LPD Case 2008-28958 PREFACE ► Robert Arthur Wiles was last seen on April 1, 2008, at his place of employment, National Flight Services in Lakeland, Florida ► On April 3, 2008, Robert's father, Tom Wiles, received the second of two ransom demands alleging that Robert had been kidnapped ► Stobert "Toby" Holt, Robert's co-worker, was the last person to see Robert alive ► Robert has not been seen or heard from since the evening of April 1, 2008, and is presumed dead VIC ► Robert Arthur Wiles was 26 years old when he disappeared ► Robert was employed at his family's business, National Flight Services, at the Lakeland-Linder Airport ► Robert was a college graduate and licensed pilot, and started his career at NFS as an intern in 2005 ► Robert was single and lived alone in an apartment in Lakeland ► Robert dated several women, but did not have a steady girlfriend ► Robert was an avid fisherman who owned his own boat Tom Wiles ► Father of Robert Wiles ► Owner of National Flight Services ► Purchased the business in 1972 ► Received two ransom demands alleging Robert had been kidnaped ► Recently separated from his wife National Flight Services ► National Flight Service (NFS) provides aircraft maintenance, charter services, flight training and flight line services ► NFS corporate headquarters is located in Ohio, with office locations in Texas, Florida and Canada National Flight Service Lakeland-Linder Airport Holt's Office Stobert " Toby" Holt ► 42 years of age ► Married ► No children ► Numerous girlfriends ► High debt load-living beyond his means ► No criminal history ► Currently employed by Dyn Corp in Cocoa Beach, Florida, on Patrick Air Force Base Holt's Inner Circle Discord in the Office ► Holt was the Operations Manager at National Flight Service, Lakeland ► Holt was employed at NFS-Lakeland since October 2004 ► Holt cultivated a circle of co-workers at NFS who were loyal to him ► Holt created a work environment at NFS where he was able to manipulate customer contracts to benefit him financially Discord in the Office ► Based on e-mail messages sent between Holt and Robert, and forwarded to other NFS employees, it appeared that Holt and Robert often disagreed over business decisions and how contracts were being billed From: Mike Converse Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 AM To: Toby Holt Subject: RE; Registration Information Toby, Tim Meyer & Dave Stine will be attending this.Tim because he is our TC rep and Dave because I want a sales person there to try and get some OH work from other service centers From: Toby Hoit Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 1 1 :54 AM To: Mike Converse Subject: RE: Registration Information Tracking: Re ci pient Rea d Mike Converse Read: 3/6/2008 PM 1 agree...Ransom kidnappings, particularly ones involving adult victims, are very rare in the United States.Police looked into the possibility that Wiles staged his own abduction, but there is no evidence to support this theory.

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