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Please note that all new issues will only be available by subscription so click on the New BSTS Newsletter Website link at the top of this page and subscribe.We wish to thank Chris Jones (BSTS Member) in England, for designing the original BSTS html pages for issues #43 through #48, Ian Wilson (former Editor of the BSTS Newsletter), in Australia, for editing all the issues up to #54, and Judith Wilson for converting issues #49 through #53 of the newsletter into the Acrobat PDF files we now use.Shields Interviews - by Mark Guscin Shroud Poetry - by Prof.Raymond Leonard New Books Jack Markwardt Interview - by Joseph Wayne Durham Jorge-Manuel Rodríquez Almenar - by Mark Guscin Dallas International Shroud Conference, October 2001 - by Mark Guscin Editorial - On not talking with strangers - an Editor's 'Farewell' - by Ian Wilson My Philosophy for Future Issues of this Newsletter - by Mark Guscin The Dallas International Conference on the Shroud of Turin October 25-28, 2001 - by Mark Guscin The Role of Human Skin Bacteria in the Formation of Photographic-like Images on Linen - by Stephen J. Bijan Riazi-Farzad Recent Publications by Nicholas P. Cinquemani - by Ian Wilson Letter To The Editor From Dr.Frederick Zugibe and Ilona Farkas - by Ian Wilson Around the Internet/Call For Articles Editorial - A Farewell - by Mark Guscin The Challenge We Face - by Reggie Norton New Owner for the Shroud Digitising the Shroud Every Past Issue Now Online Shape-shifting the truth? Mandaglio The Making of a New Shroud Documentary - by Mark Guscin The Turin Shroud as John Marks temple garment - by A. Nicolotti - an in depth review by Emanuela Marinelli Shroud Exhibition in Wells and Alrewas - by Brenda Benton with some additional notes by Juliet Faith Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Shroud in Nice 1537: how long did it stay?

Further Possibilities for the Interpretation of Mark -52 - by Mark Guscin New Shroud Documentary by Mark Guscin Editorial - by Mark Guscin Interview With Rex Morgan Book & Film Reviews - by Mark Guscin, Joanna Emery and Barrie Schwortz The Shroud copy in Campillo de Aragn, Spain - by Daniel Duque Torres Relationship of the Shroud with Images of Jesus in the Byzantine Frescoes of Cappadocia by Lennox Manton The Turin Shroud in a 15th Century Fresco in St.- Researches on the Shroud's History - Special Feature - by Hugh Duncan Editor's Book Reviews - by Ian Wilson The Role of an Editor - by Mark Guscin The Society's Future - and the Future of this Newsletter - a special reflection by Ian Wilson Stop Press: Research Help Needed Back Cover Editorial - by Mark Guscin A Significant New Example of the Lirey Pilgrim Badge - by Ian Wilson Theological Considerations In Front of a Copy of the Shroud of Turin - by Sammeli Juntunen Does the Letter of Alexius V to Innocent III Realy Exist? Roberto The First International Shroud Congress in Spain - by Mark Guscin Editorial & BSTS Meeting In England - by Mark Guscin and Reggie Norton Shroud Image Formation: Some notes on the mechanism proposed by Rogers & Arnoldi - by Denis Mannix (illustrated) The Stochastic Mechanism That Produced the Latent Image on the Shroud of Turin - by F. - From the Ian Wilson Archives (with full color illustations) In Respectful Memory - Memorial to Andre van Cauwenberghe by Olivier Pourrat New Shroud Book in Finland - by Mark Guscin Editorial - by Mark Guscin The Noalejo Shroud Copies by Csar Barta, Jos M.- by Michel Bergeret Concerning the question of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin: please, dont forget the evidence of the bloodstains! Orenga and Daniel Duque Hypothesis for Image Formation on the Turin Shroud by Allan Mills The Pilgrim's Badge of Shroud Expositions at Lirey by Ian Wilson Vignon Mark 15 in the Cappadocian & Other Images of Christ (Part 2) - by Lennox Manton News From Italy - from the December 2008 and February 2009 editions of Sindone News Obituary - Professor Harry Gove by Ian Wilson Stop Press by Reggie Norton Editorial - by Mark Guscin Obituary - Norma Weller by Ian Wilson The Holy Face of Laon - by Pierre de Riedmatten Vignon Mark 15 in the Cappadocian & Other Images of Christ (Part 1) - by Lennox Manton News From Italy - from the March and June 2008 editions of Sindone News Review of the Columbus Conference for the Shroud of Turin by Joseph Durham Editorial - by Mark Guscin Nicholas of Verdun: Scene of the Entombment, from the Verdun Altar...In 2002, Mark Guscin ( became the new editor and he is located in Spain.In 2011, Stephen Jones, another BSTS member who lives in Australia, began the very major task of scanning and optical character recognition of all the earlier issues (working his way backwards from issues #42 through #1), which we completed in November 2012.

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