Peerguardian 2 lists not updating

Peer Guardian 2 is Methlabs’ premier IP blocker for Windows.

However it is free to download and use and once users become familiar with it the programme tends to work flawlessly.

Because Peer Guardian 2 is Open Source, you can rest assured there are no backdoors or spyware included.

Development of this title has been discontinued by the original authors, but has been continued by a new team under the name of Peer Block.

You need this program if you do a lot of downloading of music, tv shows, movies, etc using torrents or other peer to peer programs to aquire such files.

Your internet provider and other government task forces monitor for such traffic and can prosecute if they catch you downloading illegal files.

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Using this programme is the safest way to make sure that privacy is protected when using P2P and a large number of people from all around the world are already taking advantage of it for both personal and professional use while various blacklisted IP addresses are also included in the package.

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