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Couchsurfing doesn't mean that you're obliged to let a stranger into your house to crash for a few days.

What new Couchsurfers seldom know is that the travel app also gives you the option to simply meet up with other people.

How I got into sex work: I’ve always had an interest in it, and I had a friend who was doing it. I found him through a dating site and at first he didn’t want to pay for sex.

We stopped talking, but one day he decided he absolutely needed to experience being with me and was willing to pay my rate. I had always heard about how much time clients spend talking to the escorts they visit, but I suppose I had underestimated it.

Cross Fit's high intensity will get you in the best shape you can imagine, but will also introduce you to a close-knit fitness community in the Ottawa region.

Check out the website and take a look at upcoming events in the city or for travellers looking to meet up.

People have a habit of imposing their own sense of sexual propriety and morality onto other people.

Because they can’t conceive of selling sex as anything other than exploitative, they won’t allow for anyone to say it is anything more than that.

I felt unsafe on the job when: Harper’s government made PCEPA (the Protection of Communities and Exploited Person’s Act) law. Most of the people who claim to want to help us ignore us when we speak and actively advocate for policies that harm all of us. My ideal state of affairs would be: Decriminalization is the best option.

Criminalization of any part of the transaction puts the most vulnerable sex workers in even more danger.

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It drives me—and many other sex workers—up the wall.

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