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Outside of the Kamathipura red light district there will be many other brothels around town, as well as strip clubs. Your best bet to find other brothels outside of Kamathipura is to ask a taxi driver.

They should be up on the current scene and be able to take you to many.

Sure, you could head out to the nicest hotels in the city and hang out at the pick up bar or lounge there.

There will also be some girls on the streets that will want to come back to your room with you. We got the hottest camgirls,camboys, Cam Shemales and Cam Couples on the web!It doesn't matter if your into texting,chatting,fucking,masturbating or whatever else.If you go to a nice spa in a luxury hotel you can get a very good massage, but the happy ending is less likely. If you don’t want bargain hunt and instead want to find the hottest girls for sex in Mumbai your best way is to meet online escorts.All around the world meeting hookers online is becoming easier and easier, and that is no different in Mumbai.

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It kind of goes without saying, but bring a condom with you and make sure to use it.

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