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Meadows will be using Kyma to process the acoustical instruments, using resonators, ring modulators, granulators, and live sample capture and playback.

The work will open a program which includes a performance of Pauline Oliveros's Four Meditations with the composer in attendance.

Globally, 2016 saw significant demand for RE with a total of USD 241.6 billion invested in the market.

Our latest study explores the economic case of RE in Asia Pacific and key considerations industry players need to keep in mind.

The Agricultural Water Solutions Project aims to unlock the potential of smallholder farming by identifying, evaluating and recommending a variety of agricultural water management (AWM) solutions - including technologies as well as the necessary supporting policies, institutions, financing arrangements and associated business models..Ethiopia has a history of watershed management initiatives dating back to the 1970s.

Better hydrogeoplogical mapping, changes to existing policy, and capacity building are needed to harness this untapped resource...

Governments and leading companies are increasingly treating renewable energy (RE) as a strategic asset to drive growth and drive down cost.

Kyma Sounds by gragglasport at an undisclosed location in the general vicinity of New Jersey.

(Bring camping gear and life support.) On Thursday, May 29, William Meadows will be performing in Brent Fariss' composition Shining White Air for vibraphone, wind sextet, and live electronics in Austin, Texas.

Sound designer Hamilton Sterling used Kyma to do a manually-controlled decode of the MS stereo production recordings that were made during the number of impromptu rehearsal scenes leading up to the final concert.

This allowed him to cross-fade from stereo music to mono dialogue within a shot without a jarring change in perspective (helped along by some stereo backgrounds).

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