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Perhaps the footage thus generated has already made it onto You Tube, where it has no doubt generated equal measures of condescending mirth and calls for the mass extermination of heroin addicts.

I didn’t really think about the incident until a week later, when I came across this article by Sophie Wilkinson, who was photographed without her permission, the photograph later posted to a Facebook group called Women Who Eat On Tubes.

The senior claimed that they fooled around but never had sex and the jury ultimately ruled that statutory rape (but not forcible rape) had been committed.

Most shared unauthorised images depend for their popularity on just this disparity. The issue is this – if you go around taking photos of people without their knowledge, you are being a creep.

Privacy tends not to arise when you’re in a public place (though the rule is not quite that simple.

Naomi Campbell won a breach of privacy case against the Daily Mirror for photos snapped as she entered a Narcotic Anonymous meeting – a public place, yes, but an occasion where it was reasonable to expect some privacy).

This includes your image, and therefore covers photographs.

There is an exemption to the Data Protection Acts for the purposes of art or journalism – otherwise, it’s hard to see how any kind of photo-journalism could exist – but a website devoted to ridiculing women (and only women, interestingly enough) who eat on public transport is unlikely to avail of this public interest defence.

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