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Dane started doing stand-up comedy along with acting in Arlington High School to overcome his shyness and has garnered a huge success from comedy.

Cook released his first comedy album, Harmful If Swallowedand also signed a contract with Comedy Central Records.

The duo seems to be enjoying their dating life as of now and yet to be married.

In November 2016, Dane Cook opened that he took to dating app to look for love online.

Dane Cook is the first American stand up comedian to use the social platform like My Space to gather a huge fan base.

A huge name in comedy, Dane Cook has made headlines through his dating life but the million dollar strikes whether the comedian is married or not.

Dean smiles as he is having a quality time with his mystery girlfriend in HAWAI Though the duo flaunted their moments out in the open, the girl's identity with whom Dane was with is still a mystery.

Few months from his vacation in December 2011, Dane made headlines once again as he rumored dating Nicole Scherzinger, one of the American X Factor judges.

The pair were spotted sitting side by side in a private dining room at Sam Nazarian’s Katsuya Hollywood.

The 45-years-old comedian started dating Kelsi quietly since 2017 and used the social media, Instagram as the platform to flaunt their beautiful relationship.

Dane first talked about Kelsi on his Instagram post dated back on 12 April 2017 where he stated that Kelsi is one of his favorite people.

Cook, who stands at the height of 1.83 m, has a half-brother named Darryl who was Cook's business manager until 2008.

His half-brother remained manager until it was discovered that Darryl and his wife had embezzled million from him.

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