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Unless there are data that suggest a positive effect on donation, neither presumed consent nor mandated choice for cadaveric organ donation should be widely implemented.

by Theresa Spranger, Bioethics Program Alumna (MSBioethics 2012) Organ donation is the gift of life.

That house belongs to the dead person's family (or whomever it was left to) and a corpse full of organs is no different.

Under mandated choice, individuals are required to express their preferences regarding donation at the time they execute a state-regulated task.

The organ donation game is one that helps everyone.

They say each organ donor can potentially save eight lives.

By donating organs after we die we can literally bring someone back from the brink. So awesome in fact, that it could be argued, and has been, that everyone should want to donate their organs when they die, and consent for donation should be presumed. Presumed consent for organ donation means that viable organs would be harvested from anyone who dies and consent from the patient or family would be unnecessary.

Every person would need to opt-out of the donation program rather than the current “opt-in” plan we have now.

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