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We all know that politics play a role in one's success in a department.

If one is maintaining a mentor-apprentice relationship (teacher-student, or advisor-mentee) and romantic relationship with the same person, it is difficult to determine whether certain actions (benefiting or detrimental to the apprentice or mentor) are biased due to emotion. Relationships may sometimes be allowed between former students and faculty by the letter, but I cannot think of when it would be advisable for a faculty member to have a relationship with a student. If the student is really going to be the love of your life, you can wait until they're graduated to start a relationship.

What sorts of restrictions do universities place on romantic or sexual relationships between faculty and graduate students, and what are the underlying issues that motivate these restrictions?

For example, suppose the student has previously taken a class from the professor but has no plans for further academic contact.

The key issue of whether it is ethical or not reduces the question: Is there a potential for a perceived imbalance of power that can be abused?

If the professor and graduate student are in separate departments, I think it is not an issue because a professor of one department has no power to influence any matters pertaining to the graduate student's academic life.

If they two are of the same field, things can get a bit delicate.

Speculation of an improper relationship alone can be devastating to one's reputation even if unfounded.

On the other hand, if other people in your department are aware of your romantic involvement, then it is almost certain to lead to complications.Relationships such as those between supervisors and their subordinate employees are inherently asymmetric.Current or past sexual relationships can adversely affect decisions, distort judgments, and undermine morale.To second @Charles, this is an interesting question precisely because it is a delicate topic.For example, it appears that the OP is male and discussing a female professor.

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