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"Who are these jackasses defending this little shitstain kid?

"Well, I have some sympathy for him, because I'm also the child of a toxic narcissist and I don't think the haters have a clue what's that is really like.

I would think Will's ego would be too big for even that to happen. They're getting older and knowing that their parents are gay and lesbian and in a total marriage of convenience for public show, and I hope they can get away from the cult their parents have raised them in. No white man would be interested in playing any of those roles.

The airbrushing on Will in the key art for the new movie is strange, surreal. They realize how inappropriate that would be and they have no axe (ask? An all black Annie would just show how deep and pervasive the black bitterness runs that they were barred from acting in older movies. There are other black vehicles that don't scream: In Yo Face, Honkey!

But right now he is still only 14 and if he bothers you so much just do like another post said-ignore him. It is quite sad, though, how the parents are pushing these kids into the business so early.

They grew up in the industry themselves, they should know better. BTW, I'll take James Stewart over this major nothing anytime! And is there ever any mention of how Will seemed to completely abandon his first kid, Will III aka "Trey" as soon as he hooked up with Jada? Wonder if it's part of the whole Scientology thing.

If you want to dislike someone, try no talents like John Cusack or Charlie Sheen,who have squandered every opportunity handed to them to reveal what low lifes they really are. If he's lucky enough to reach 18 and uses his advantages for bad,then he is fair game. I do find look-at-me celebspawns annoying, but not enough to hate them.

Nearly every person on screen or on television now is second or third generation Hollywood.

In fact,nearly the entirely Best Actress/supporting Actress catogory winners since Jane Fonda have been won by people who have had major help.

I don't know what it is exactly that I find so repulsive about Jaden Smith. Whatever it is, I get an immediate and violent reaction whenever I see his face on a commercial. It just goads me that I know thousands of people who are actually talented come to Hollywood every year to make it and an arrogant little prick gets to star in blockbusters because his daddy.

I guess that's the nature of the business but I just can't believe that this kid has any fans.

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You can't argue with the artistry of his lyrics, however: They say "Jaden yeah he's too legit" And I be flipping cause they slipping And they be drooling cause I'm super rich I might be tripping but I'm living how I'm living I'm fourteen I'll be forgiven"You bitches sound like jealous racists."Absolutely, we love Gwynneth Paltrow in spite of her career being based on nepotism.

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