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Likewise, a July 2012 announcement from Sheriff Arpaio repeated more rumors that had already been debunked.

The health and happiness of people across Massachusetts depend on the accessibility and quality of our natural resources, recreational facilities, and great historic landscapes.

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See what they have to say about life in Kenya on their whatsapp POST YOUR PHONE NUMBER: HERE. As for the argument that opening the birth certificate’s PDF file in Adobe Illustrator reveals the presence of multiple layers, which proves that the image was altered, that claim was debunked by an Adobe-certified expert: It didn’t take long for some of President Obama’s doubters to claim the long-awaited birth certificate posted online by the White House had been altered or might be a fake.The doubters have latched onto the idea that Adobe Illustrator — the premier program for computer graphic artists — “reveals” evidence of document manipulation in the Obama birth certificate.DCR continues to improve the vital connection between people and the environment.DCR Advisories Sign up for DCR updates DCR Street Sweeping About DCR We use your feedback to help us improve this site but we are not able to respond directly.

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