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Creditors, too, may be good with reaching an agreement, since the alternative is to write the debt off as a loss.Of course, there are some best practices when it comes to debt negotiation, including explaining your current money situation, taking notes and obtaining written confirmation of any settlement you do reach.Otherwise, the terms can change and it will be your word against theirs.We’ve heard of consumers being hounded for balances they thought were resolved years before.By the way, it’s a myth that as long as you are paying something toward a debt (even or ), it can’t be turned over to a collection agency.Once a debt has been sent to collections, you may have no choice but to When you do come up with a payment arrangement, or a debt settlement letter, get it in writing before you pay a penny.In fact, some newer credit scoring models ignore paid collections entirely. And, if you have any questions about negotiating with creditors and collectors, feel free to ask away in the comments section below.

If you need to talk with that representative again, tell them you’d like to record the conversation. If a collector says you’ll be sued, or that you’ll lose property if you don’t pay, just calmly ask for specifics: “When can I expect to be notified of this lawsuit?

But they do need to know if you are in a hardship situation and what you are trying to do to get back on track.

It’s helpful to come up with a few sentences that you can use consistently when you talk with creditors.

If possible, try to work out an agreement with your creditors before a bill is sent to collections.

While late payments affect your credit reports and scores, collection accounts can result in even greater damage.

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