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“I’ve never seen that before, but it obviously worked.” (Oosthuizen finished runner-up at that tournament, too.) Since adopting this technique himself, Mac Kenzie says he makes about 10 per cent more of his shots.

But his fellow heads-up proponent Christina say he’s fine putting the old-fashioned way, adding dryly: “I never had a problem with my putting game.” Joey Votto sure put a dent in our national psyche on Tuesday when the Cincinnati Reds slugger said that he didn’t “care almost at all about Canadian baseball.” The Toronto native apologized and clarified his statements on Wednesday, citing his own jealousy and pettiness as the driving forces behind the mini-rant.

Whatever the case may be, Votto’s hardly the first Canadian athlete to disappoint fans back in his home nation, though he may be the first to actually apologize and re-gain our trust. Born in Belleville, Ont., and having spent most of his teen years in Vancouver, Hull was passed over by Canada for the 1986 world hockey championship.

Rather than be a patient, humble Canadian, Hull decided to suit up for Team USA and proceeded to compete against his true home and native land for the duration of his international career. Before Milos Raonic broke through into the top 10 of the ATP Tour, the closest claim to fame Canadian tennis fans had to the upper echelon of the tennis world was a Montreal native who went on to represent Britain, from where his mother hailed.

Christina co-authored a study in the early 2000s about the benefits of putting with your head up in practice to get a better sense of distance control—very much akin to the St. This putting technique is not entirely foreign to the pros, even if it is seldom deployed on the PGA tour. 1 Jordan Spieth has been known to keep his eyes on the hole for shorter putts. At the British Open a month later, Oosthuizen’s style caught the attention of Tiger Woods.

“He was looking at the hole when he was hitting putts, and they were going in from all different distances,” Woods said.

After a single 45-minute practice session—and with no other change to a golfer’s technique or routine—Mac Kenzie found those who putted heads up were sinking about 40 per cent of their putts, compared to a 37 per cent success rate when they were looking at the ball.

Canada’s closest comparable to Benedict Arnold peaked at No. Here he is whining to an umpire over a lost point to Andy Roddick at Wimbledon in 2003.

4 in the world and made one Grand Slam final, the U. Following the tirade, Rusedski lost the next five games and the match.

For others, two strokes could be the difference between making or missing the cut.

“We’ve been doing it for years and we had no idea how much of a positive impact looking at the hole could be,” says Bob Christina, a golf researcher and educational consultant with the Pinehurst Golf Academy in North Carolina. For golfers struggling with “the yips”—an unexplained attack of jitters that leads to missing easy putts—looking at the hole relaxes the body, Christina says: the golfers are no longer constantly staring at the ball, the position of their feet and hands or the grip on their putters. Looking at the hole frees them up.” Most still miss those really long putts, but those who hit heads-up gauged the distance better and ended up much closer to the hole for their next shot, “which is huge because then you three-putt less,” Christina says. Open, one of golf’s four major tournaments, South African Louis Oosthuizen credited a switch to heads-up putting with his late rally to a second-place finish (and a US0,000 payday).

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At least he was until at the age of 16, when he and his brother left for Australia because Canada’s coaches wanted him to spend more time practising, and less time “peddling invasive Internet spyware.” Our prodigal son returned for the 2010 Olympics and was the favourite to win gold in moguls, until Alex Bilodeau came along.

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