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For example, a guy who might be somewhere between 5’7” and 5’8” would claim to be 5’8”.Little embellishments like this could add up to the half-inch gap between CMB’s straight men and the US average.When Ok Cupid did a similar analysis, they found that their users exaggerated by a full two inches!Kudos to the men of CMB for being more honest than their counterparts on Ok Cupid. Evidently, they also think that height is an attractive quality to their desired partners.If he is shorter than she is, she is much less attracted to him: being an extra inch shorter decreases the odds of her liking him by 40%.If he is taller than she is, the taller the better, but the effect is nowhere near as dramatic: each extra inch only increases her odds of liking him by 10%. As long as her Bagel is taller than she is (above the line), women think that taller is better, no matter how tall she is. We’ve rounded up our definitive guide to strange, unique and downright crazy dating…and you thought Tinder was too much.

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Returning to CMB, we found that straight men seem to think that women find height attractive, and so strategically inflate their height. Both men and women seem to think that their desired partners are attracted to height, and so exaggerate their height. and even if taller is more attractive on average, what about relative height: how does my height compared to your height affect whether you will like me?

I’m going to start with straight women: how do a woman’s own height and her Bagel’s height affect how often she likes him?

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Along the way, we’ll see how people strategically fudge their height in order to seem more attractive.

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