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Isaiah Thomas, who recruited Hayward to come to the Celtics during the summer, also joined him in the locker room, according to Windhorst.

Losing Hayward for an extended stretch would be devastating after the team signed him to a four-year, 8 million deal this offseason.

In the immediate aftermath, a doctor at Inglewood, California’s Centinela Hospital Medical Center told him he may have to brace for amputation.

It’s hard to convey how difficult the video is to watch.

Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena has one of the league’s loudest and most frenetic backing tracks—the speakers are constantly blaring music, thumping bass, and piping in sound effects to celebrate the home team’s successes. Broadcasters are exceedingly careful not to diagnose injuries from the booth, but TNT’s Kevin Harlan couldn’t help himself. Boston’s Jaylen Brown paced with his hands atop his head and his mouth agape.

Le Bron James slumped on the scorer’s table, and Dwyane Wade fell to one knee.

This agreement apparently dates back to 1985, and Joe Theismann’s famous compound fracture on was the only sports broadcast that used 12 cameras rather than the standard five or six.

Those extra lenses gave ABC a clear view of New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor inadvertently thrusting his knee into the Washington quarterback’s leg and snapping his tibia and fibula, in Theismann’s words, “like a breadstick.” Catastrophic injuries shown on live TV, like Theismann’s and Hayward’s and Odell Beckham Jr.’s, all have a certain Dealey Plaza effect: You remember where you were when you first saw them.

3 overall picks, Jaylen Brown and rookie Jayson Tatum, to fill the void.

Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward was forced to leave Tuesday's season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena with a fractured left ankle less than six minutes into the game.

Hayward's "ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported Le Bron James went back to the locker room to check on Hayward at the end of the first quarter.

These men had witnessed—and were experiencing—a traumatic event.

TNT showed one close-up of the injury immediately after Hayward tumbled to the floor, and it revealed the gore of the dislocated ankle and fractured tibia scrambled inside his sock.

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