Girlfriend needs break dating another guy

The more you improve yourself, the more you act with integrity, the healthier you become, the more Crazy devalues and abuses you.The more you give Crazy what she says she wants, the more vicious, angry and/or withdrawn she becomes.Meaning, Crazy doesn’t want you to help her to become a functioning, healthy, mature, responsible, gainfully employed adult.Crazy wants you to put up with her shit and clean up her messes and thank her for the privilege of letting you do so. Like two addicts who enable each others’ addictions, Downgrade Boyfriend doesn’t make Crazy feel bad because he’s just as dysfunctional, self-serving and reptilian as she is.Find another people pleasing, rescuer, Nice Guy type who is eager to prove he’s not like the “bad men” who hurt her in the past.Men like this will take a number and eagerly queue up for their fair share of abuse.These are the guys who puff out their chests and let you know there’s a “new sheriff” in town, so you’d better toe the line.These are the guys who are unemployed or underemployed and move in with your ex and sponge off of your alimony and child support monies.

This is frequently a post-divorce WTF moment for many men.

She resents your good qualities because, on some level, she knows she does not possess them — whether she can admit this to herself or not — and she begins to resent and hate you for it.

If Crazy cannot possess your good qualities, she will try to bring you down to her level by provoking and baiting you (e.g., antagonizing you until you become angry and yell at her) or she will try to destroy you or make you disappear.

Better to let two disordered people cannibalize each other instead of inflicting their abuse on the rest of the population.

If this is true of your situation, remember, she’s a crazy a-hole and he’s a crazy a-hole.

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They deserve one another and you deserve much, much better.

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