Garmin nuvi 360 updating bluetooth firmware

But after installing the BT remains the same (3.0). then i just reconnected it and it seems to be working alright for me.Paired nuvi 370 with a Motorola KRAZR from Verizon without any problem.The Nuvi 360 is no longer in production so there is a danger that if you purchase the GPS now, it could come with an older map.This model also comes with an older “flip up” style antenna which is slightly less convenient.“Secure Location” does not unlock a locked Garmin unit either as it’s only a temporary fix as when it’s turn on outside the security location, the device is locked again.Today when I plugged in my garmin to the car I got a "upgrade bluetooth firmware message" then I unplugged the unit and tried to power off power on.

Note that erase user data command only delete data in the Garmin unit’s memory that isn’t accessible to the user when the unit is connected to computer.

Press on continuously the upper top left corner of screen and then power on the unit by pressing once on the Power button.

You should be prompted to clear all user data, or asked if do you really want to start up in maintenance mode.

Garmin GPS unit allows user to update its firmware, add custom POIs (Point of Interests), Waypoints, Favorites and customize other user settings.

Most GPS navigation devices from Garmin has a reset function which allows user to access a Maintenance Mode screen with system information, diagnostic details or perform the reset function to restore Garmin Nuvi or other series unit to its original default factory settings.

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