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How it works In mid-July, a 21-year-old prostitute from the Dominican Republic danced onstage at a super nightclub in the Maamaltein district of Jounieh. Men are not allowed to speak with artists like Julia at super nightclubs unless they pay for it.She wore white denim-shorts cut just below the crotch, stiletto heels and a tight t-shirt that stopped just above her navel. Customers pick the woman they want to talk to by walking through the club or seeing the woman dance or perform on stage.

General Security regulates super nightclubs and, according to owners, no sex is permitted in the club.

Lebanon’s beaches, nightclubs and hotels are packed this summer with visitors spending cash and enjoying all the country has to offer, including the sexual services of women.

One of the main outlets for such activity is the ubiquitous super nightclub business.

By law, Julia and her colleagues can only be taken out on “dates” during their free hours.

But she hinted that perhaps other arrangements could be made. ” Julia asked, referring to the same hotel, just above the super nightclub, where she and her colleagues live.

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