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Free plan includes: Unlimited usage A critical part of lead generation is getting the right contact details.

Our very own tool (yes, named after me 😃) can help.

Comes with widgets and cool attention-grabbing bubbles.

Free plan includes: Unlimited use Lead generation is growing more sophisticated, and so are the tools that power it.

I’m Lusha, and I help marketing professionals save time and meet their goals faster.

Today I’ll discuss lead generation tools – specifically, ones that will add a lot of value to your lead gen operation but won’t cost you a buck. In the past, a majority of leads came through outbound channels like tradeshows, print and TV advertising, and paid online advertising.

Here are the main types of tools that will help you do that.

Lusha is based on a database of hundreds of millions of business profiles and can help you enrich lead data with accurate emails and direct dial phone numbers.

You can improve conversion rates by asking less of your users – for example, only requiring that they sign in with their Linked In account – and rely on Lusha for direct email and phone number.

Drift is designed for lead generation and has features that help qualify leads and encourage qualified leads to schedule appointments with your sales team.

Free plan includes: 1 seat and 100 contacts per month is A completely free site messaging solution, which makes money from providing answering services to select clients.

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