Four year dating anniversary

Besides it wouldn't just be the hotel that we would loose our money on.

We also have tickets for the Arm Musem, The ballet, and the Aquarium." I said "She has both our cell phone numbers as well as your friends just in cause something goes wrong with Gabby and she can't reach us by phone." Ezra said "Now you are scaring me that something will go wrong with our baby." I said "Aria, I promise you everything will be alright with Gabby." Ezra said "I guess this will be the practice run because I go back to UCLA next week." I said Our nanny/babysitter arrived an hour before we planned on leaving for Long Beach so we could go through bottle feeding, dipper changing, and other baby care things.

Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend: Think about how your relationship has survived all the fights.

I installed a camera in Gabriellas room, in our room, in the kitchen, and in the living room so all I have to do is go on my laptop and see what is going on." Ezra said "So basically you covered the entire apartment except for the bathroom." I said "Yes but Aria if you still don't feel comfortable leaving Gabriella then I can cancel the hotel reservation and we can go another time." Ezra said "I actually feel much better about leaving her now.

It's for less then a week so knowing I will see her again next week helps.

Tomorrow Ezra and I would be going to the Long Beach Museum of Art, Saturday Night we had tickets to Complexions Contemporary Ballet at the Richard & Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center.

Sunday Ezra and I were going to Aquarium of the Pacific.

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