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Although if you’re concerned about STDs that’s good.I did try Smooci in Bangkok because they lowered the rates of escorts to around – 0, comparable to the cost at a gogo bar.Escorts aren’t something I normally use because usually they’re expensive, you pay a premium for the convenience of a girl being delivered to your place, and are risking the pictures not matching her appearance.It’s easy in places like the Philippines and Thailand to find a hot girl yourself in person from a red light district, beer bar, gogo bar, disco etc.I remember thinking why is a girl this hot standing on the street doing massage on P Burgos, I’m glad she finally moved up in the P4P world. The live support on Manila Courtesans asked if I was a ‘local or American’ when booking (they call all westerners Americans).Since I was paying 7000 and we’d met before I asked to do certain extra things we hadn’t done before. They explained they are reluctant to send girls to condos of local guys.Prior to Smooci coming along escort sites in BKK charged 0 – 200 for two hours. ( I recently tried out the first to verify their reliability.Everything went fine so I would recommend them if you want the convenience, exclusivity and low STD risk (not many guys will want to pay these prices).

The cheapest price on Manila Courtesans is 4500 pesos () for two hours with Kimmy, you get at least two shots (sex twice). Start with short time, see how well you vibe with the girl then extend from there if you want to.

Appreciate the beauty of the country which made it more popular even to the nations of other continents!

Saigon isn’t a famous nightlife capital but there is plenty of pay for play action around if you know where to look.

Maybe they’ll come back over off the clock and it’ll end up cheaper.

I picked ‘Simone’ (stage name) for 7000 pesos short time, two hours, two shots. Like most Pinays and Thais she was warm and friendly. The funny part was I realized I’d actually met her before a year earlier when she was working on P Burgos as a massage girl.

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