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In 2017, the party's website asserts: "Respect supports the idea of a democratic bi-national solution of one state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea in which all people, Jews, Muslims and Christians live equally; one man, one woman, one vote" and says British foreign policy should recognise Britain's "partial responsibility for the problem by their participation in the creation of the state of Israel".According to the party's national council member Yvonne Ridley, speaking at London's Imperial College in February 2006, Respect "is a Zionist-free party...After Respect decided to stand candidates against the Greens, in February 2004 Monbiot stepped down from the party, claiming that to compete against the Greens might threaten the positions of "two of the best elected representatives in Britain", the Green Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert.Respect fielded candidates for both the 2004 elections for the European Parliament (EP) and for the London Assembly, attempting to present these elections as a referendum on Blair's Labour government.if there was any Zionism in the Respect Party they would be hunted down and kicked out." This rejection of Israel's right to exist and characterisation of it as a garrison of American imperialism in the Middle East had a longer presence in Trotskyist thought, having been espoused by the SWP prior to the establishment of Respect.He explained his actions thus: "The reason is simple: no recognition, no normalisation.Matthew Goodwin and Robert Ford, characterised Respect a "broad coalition of left-wing interests" which had arisen to oppose the New Labour government and the UK's involvement in the invasion of Iraq.Benedek characterised it as a manifestation of what Amir Taheri called the "Marxist-Islamist coalition" which united around opposition to the United States, a desire to destroy the state of Israel, and a wish to overthrow international capitalism.

In the London Assembly election, Respect secured 4.5% of the vote, meaning that they did not secure a seat on the Assembly.

The Respect Party was established in London by Salma Yaqoob and George Monbiot in 2004.

It grew out of the Stop the War Coalition, and from the start revolved largely around opposition to the United Kingdom's role in the Iraq War.

It was Eurosceptic and promoted an anti-imperialist worldview.

It was also Anti-Zionist, opposing the existence of Israel and endorsing the Palestinian solidarity movement.

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