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See Old Shame for an old work which a creator turns against later (or refuses to let see the light of day), but which by itself probably won't destroy their credibility.

See Tough Act to Follow when one's career was not killed by a flop but the inability to follow-up a massive success.

Still not 100% sure if links will work here, so I'll put a bunch of unhelpful spaces in the URL for anyone who wants to go check it out. SI, where Peter Parker's body is taken over and the new owner realizes the world needs a hero, it needs a Spider-man. I was nothing special before I died the first time.Contrast Breakthrough Hit (when the work makes the creator a big name) and Career Resurrection and Win Back the Crowd (when the work makes the creator a big name again after a Creator Killer).For understandable reasons, many of these overlap with Troubled Production.", however it may also be an opening gambit in a Dream Within a Dream sequence.Sometimes the dream lasts longer than one episode — entire seasons, and even entire series, have been known to turn out to be dreams.

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A Creator Killer is a rather unpredictable phenomenon when one or more works flop badly enough to take down or badly damage the publishers, the reputation of creative talents behind it, or both. Not to be confused with Author Existence Failure (though they can overlap if the work's performance is so bad that the creator is Driven to Suicide or otherwise dies shortly after), Rage Against the Author or The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You, where the creator can be killed by his or her work.

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