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The sun rarely gives a wave to Norway, but when it does it feels like everyone is burning to go outside.It might be 5° Celsius, but as long as the sun is out you’re sure to be found outside with your Norwegian friends at Akerbrigge (enjoying a beer in the sun).As soon you show signs of walking as a child, you’re sent outside with a pair of cross-country skis to begin the process.If you don’t know how to ski when you land in Norway, you’ll immediately be sent out to one of the famous ski resorts — Beitostølen, Geilo, or Hemsedal — and forced to learn how to ski until it hurts.On top of that, you may also want to watch out for those nasty tax rates averaging about 40% of your pay — they’ll definitely bite.On a slightly positive note, not everything is exorbitantly expensive.

The difference is most apparent in the 18-34 age group, where there is a surplus of some 338,000 single men – this is due to women tending to enter relationships at a younger age, according to researchers.

But the situation is reversed when it comes to those aged 35-64, with more single women – 271,000 – than men who are unattached.

This is a nation that perfected skiing, and they sure as hell are proud of it.

If it’s slightly warmer, you’ll slowly start to realize that it’s not that weird to be in your bathers around the public parks of Slottsparken and Frognerparken with all the other Norwegians… Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and at the beginning you’ll feel like booking the next flight out of there.

But after a while, you’ll find that it’s perfectly normal to pay for a pint of beer, for a loaf of bread, and for a cup of coffee.

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