Dating violence in schools

Peace Works provides tools for our pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade youth to help them learn how to solve conflicts peacefully and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.Peace Works also teaches empathy, tolerance, self-awareness and respect towards all. Read more Teen Peace Works recognizes the importance of teen leadership and advocacy.A national survey was sent to domestic violence shelters asking them to provide information on their TDV prevention efforts in schools.

Below are the 7 standards to ensure compliance with the code.

School administrators received training on this topic at Texas Association of School Administrators’ Midwinter Conference in January, 2008.

The Texas Association of School Boards also sent a revised Model Student Code of Conduct to its members.

While there are many ways to come into compliance with this new legislation we do not recommend one single program or curriculum to serve this purpose.

If you have questions regarding a program or curricula you are interested in, please contact the Prevention Team at [email protected]

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Our counselors are sensitive to the special needs of victims of intimate partner violence and offer flexible schedule times and a supportive environment to help them work through the issues associated with abuse ....

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