Dating lawchick gta iv rules to dating my son

Being as stylish as she is Alex is able to get you discounts at clothing stores if you call her up before you make a purchase.

Not a particularly useful ability, but it's appreciated.

Carmen is extremely self-centered and acts as if every date with her is a golden gift from the gods.

She also often refers to herself in the third person.

Once you get to about 80% likeness with Kiki she will call you and let you know that she has some influence with judges.

Being an unfairly persecuted immigrant you can call Kiki and have her clear your wanted level.

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Each potential date has their own taste in clothes and activities, making each person different. You can date as many girls as you like at once and there seem to be no punishments for doing so.

In GTA IV, you have the option to date five women in Liberty City. Two of them are met during the main plotline and three others are met online.

Carmen is one of the dateable girls on (the other being Kiki.) She goes by the screen name So Bo Hoe and is a nurse.

All you have to do to call her up is look her name up in your phone book and give her a call! She is unlock able after you complete the “Out of the Closet” mission. Like Carmen, you must log onto the internet, and contact her via the love-meet website. You must log onto the internet and then click on the ad for

There are many secrets surrounding her character that you will discover later in the game. You must go to an internet café, log onto the internet, and contact her via the love-meet website. Simply click on her profile and then click the contact option. You can then click on the option “Women seeking Men”.

Likes Kiki is one of the two dateable girls on (an in-game dating site).

She goes by the name Law Chick online, but once you get her number you refer to her as Kiki.

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