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Some parents are apprehensive when their children let them know they’d like to pursue a career in music.

How has the support of your parents been through this journey?

Away from that- im very family oriented & would do anything for them..come 1st.

Im a true believer in morally doing the right thing- even when there is nobody around. Looking for someone who shares these traits & wants to find their soul mate.

I am a carpet and vinyl layer and I go all over for work I love animals and I always aim to please anybody who sjoe the same.

Love s good laugh I am honest and reliable loving and caring.

My description and nickname are currently being approved to make sure it is appropriate content for you to view and it will be available very shortly (few hours at the most).

Tell us what track and its accompanying music video is about?

Lasandra: The track is about meeting someone and falling for them immediately.

Lasandra: We all started very young, myself, Sabian and Saiyan all started when we were 4 years old. We do it for fun so it’s not necessarily a career yet, but we have done things professional groups do like TV and radio performances.

What grades are you at school and how do you find a balance between schooling and the music?

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