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Arrests and searches for evidence were carried out simultaneously at addresses in Jerusalem, northern and southern Israel and in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, police said.“Fifteen suspects known to the police as active in the Lehava organisation were arrested or detained for questioning during the night as part of a police investigation on suspicion that they acted to locate and threaten (Arab) minority members with connections to Jewish young women or girls,” a police statement said.The first thing they teach you in hot take school is to begin a column calling yourself [term for ethnic group that you don’t belong to] that you assure everyone was conferred on you by your friends of [said ethnic group]. As a teenager, I attended exactly one bat mitzvah, but moving to New York provided endless opportunities to learn about the Jewish faith.

At my very first job in New York, a colleague jokingly informed me: “You came in a WASP, but you’re leaving a Jew.” That statement was in reference to the demographics of the office’s staff.

On more than one occasion in conversation, we laughed about the fact that I knew more about the Jewish faith than they did.

So…you…dated two guys who didn’t practice Judaism—AT ALL—while you dated, but said that Judaism was a reason you broke up…and…you…believed them?

Almost everyone who worked there was Jewish, and I, a recent college graduate who had spent my adolescence in a largely Christian community in the South, was not.

At the time, I had no idea she would end up being so right.

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The police statement said that the latest arrests were the result of an undercover investigation.

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