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The first two months of Strat production (March-April 1954), there was NO yellow in the sunburst!The two-tone sunburst's center area was actually just a natural Ash wood color, making a "one-color" sunburst.Another misconception about Fullerplast is it's color.The sealers Fender used including Fullerplast was clear, not yellow.This process was always used by Fender on Ash bodies from 1950 to the present.Note there is an exception to the sprayed yellow sunburst rule in 1954.

After some more dry time, the body can be sealed with lacquer and the color finish can be applied.Early (1954 to mid-1956) Ash bodies in Sunburst were done differently.In this case, the yellow is not stained, but is sprayed like a Gibson-type Sunburst finish.The more whitish yellow was then sprayed over the sealer coat, as were the red and brown of the Sunburst.That is why the red and yellow now looks much different on late 1964 and later Fenders.

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This new whitish-yellow bleeds through the translucent red making it more orangish.

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