Cyndi wang and mike he dating

The 2 have been dating for a while now, since 國二 (i dont know how Taiwan calculates their schooling years), and even though there have been girls both within and outside of the industry that have confessed their love for him, Mike hasn't had a change of heart.

Name: Mike 賀軍翔 He Jun Xiang Nickname: 小美/ Xiao Mei Height: 180 cm Weight: 66 kg Date of Birth: December 28, 1983Birth of Place: Taipei, Taiwan Star Sign: Capricorn Blood Type: B~~Mike He Jun Xiang Part 4 thread~~Name: Cyndi 王心凌 Wang Xin Ling Nickname: 甜心教主 Tian Mi Jiao Zhu Height: 158 cm Weight: 41 kg Date of Birth: September 5, 1982Birth of Place: Hsin Chu, Taiwan Star Sign: Virgo Blood Type: O~~Cyndi Wang Xin Ling thread~~"Han Yi Lie" is a pop-musicindustry top composer andproducer. but nonetheless, i'll still watch it unsub and watch again if subs are already out. and yes i super duper agree with you that this couple is very cute.. Our most upright Oubasang (respectful term for any older female)! If the ratings were to break 2 he would sing, but he changed to 26 afterwhich!

Mei Le always helps to settle allthe problems that happen in Han'sfamily as she loves Yi Lie's brotherso much. i'm really anticipating this team up ever since. He laughed that as long as he did not scare anyone (with his singing).

Recent news: Mike He Tastes Spurting Meatball, Cyndi Wang Laughs Bending her Back Just Won Janine Zhang in Hand, Mike He Praised Cyndi Wang Kissing Skills Love Keeps Going Ratings Break Three, Xiao Mei Shows Career-Line Cyndi Wang doesn't Force Others, Mike He Appears Surprisingly Mike He Kissing Skills Are Superb, Frenching Can Be Faked Too Cyndi Wang Shows for the First Time After Facial Injury, Denies Dating with Mike He Cyndi Wang Returned to Work after Facial Injury, Busy Bickering with Mike He Mike He's Physical Ability doesn't Lose to Current Army Credit: rainbowie Miscellaneous Facts Mike and Cyndi had been worked with Tanya Chua on her MVs Mike and Cyndi were Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun friends Mike likes drinking milk and Cyndi's nick is "milk"Mike and Cyndi will have so many kisses and steamy scene in TW-Drama "Love Keeps Going"Mike likes a girl with long straight hair, quiet by nature, and able to cook, OMG zen me ban it's CYNDI!!!! because of this i became a cyndi fan coz at first i was just a mike he fan. i dunno if it's just me or what but i really have a feeling for this two... He also pulled his good friend Joe ZHeng into the waters, he laughed “Even Xiaozong can sing and dance, I can follow his steps” seeming that he had confidence with his singing, but he pushed around when was asked to sing live.

Lately, Mike is busy filming Angie Chai's new drama ' Calling Big Star' and film ' Future Cops' running back and forward from Taiwan and Beijing.

Towards his collaboration with Ah Sa in ' Calling Big Star', Mike appears in high spirits.

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