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I never even thought about it, I was just happy to feel better/progress and that attitude was very important.Full recovery for me, was not one day feeling great and never having a bad day.I had a great insight into this after I used to go for a long run, I would come back, having burnt off all my excess adrenalin and would feel great with a clear mind and in this short time I could view reality, I had no anxious thoughts at this time, proving what I already knew that all anxious thoughts were just anxiety based and they were not real or important in the slightest.The whole point, like any symptom is to stop seeing them as a problem, you will always have anxious thoughts, whilst your are anxious about them.Recovery time depends on a few factors and the only thing that is important is to give your body and mind as much time and space as it needs to recover.

We are all different, but so similar in our suffering, the main difference can be how long we have suffered, as the person who has suffered many years, may have built up more habits of avoidence, safety behaviours that they find harder to break then someone who has suffered a few months.Also the person who has suffered longer may have more memory of suffering and they may have fallen into a life where they have forgotten what it was like to feel normal, where the person who has suffered a few months, still has these feelings of normality close to them.As people know I suffered anxiety for ten years, so I had certainly built up a lot of habits and memory of suffering was pretty strong, I had just got used to not feeling normal and it actually began to feel normal in my world, I had known nothing else for so long.Again you are living a normal life and not hiding and shying away from how you feel, the more normal life you pack in, the more normal you will begin to feel.You will find that you feel so far away from recovery one day and so near the next, again this is down to memory of past suffering.

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