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While there have been stories across the board of publishers seeing their organic reach continue to decline, the Facebook-focused vendor said it doesn’t see its clients spending to make up for those declines.

Indeed, the peaks and valleys in Keywee’s data map more closely to the rhythms of the U. presidential election than to the reported stories of declining reach.

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A separate chart that breaks this trend down by publishers’ content category reveals that entertainment-focused publishers are paying for a greater percentage of impressions now than they were 18 months ago, compared to news-focused publishers.Publishers may have bones to pick with Facebook over declining organic reach and monetization issues.But that hasn’t stopped them from buying a lot more traffic from the platform lately.Kunal Gupta, CEO of native ads platform Polar, estimates more than 90 percent of the publishers that create branded content for brands buy some of their traffic on Facebook.Some, surely, use the practice for arbitrage, too, though the price for doing so typically has to be quite low, which can be tough to maintain on posts that aren’t engaging for Facebook readers.

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