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Facebook would also likely make its dating service free, which could put a big dent in Match's freemium business model.

Tinder generated about 30% of Match's total revenues last year, while roughly 90% of Tinder's revenue comes from paid subscribers.

Its total paid subscribers grew 24% annually to just seven million last quarter.

But Match Group has its own advantages, such as network effects.

As a result, shares of the online dating specialist were down 22.3% as of p.m. At Facebook's F8 Developer Conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social network will offer its first dating service, adding that such a product would seem like a natural fit for a company built on connecting people.

"There are 200 million people on Facebook that list themselves as single, so clearly there's something to do here," he said.

Speaking at F8, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the new dating feature was aimed at "building real, long-term relationships," and wasn't "just for hookups" -- in a clear dig at Tinder.

To allay recent privacy concerns after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Zuckerberg also noted that the new feature was designed with "privacy and safety in mind from the beginning." Facebook product chief Chris Cox stated that the company would start testing out the feature, and would reveal additional features and a release date later this year.

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