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That made some splash in the usual NATO media but is complete nonsense.

Yes, the pictures were obviously "manipulated" as labels were added to them.

I distrust on Syrian news due to its triumphalist propaganda, but I double checked the news and it seems Iran is putting "boots on the ground," still uncertain how and in what dimension.An MIT professor and real expert proved (pdf) that he was wrong.Higgins claimed to "prove" that rockets launched from Russia hit Ukraine by looking at aerial pictures of impact craters.His latest Russophobic fit is the report with the pictures you alluded to, which Bellingcat published in anticipation to the presentation made yesterday by Almaz-Antey, producers of the BUK missile system, on the shooting of the MH17.Following the link provided to the "forensic analysis" that tries to prove the Russians manipulated the images, I found a comment to a Der Spiegel article (German) Interview on the alleged MH17-manipulations: "Bellingcat operates out of coffee cup reading" (Google translate) blasting Bellingcat's unscientific and subjective methodology. Kudos b for yet another exposé of a true charlatan.

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